Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hands Off My Health Care!

What the hell is going on? New task force advises women to not have mammograms until age 50, and oh, you can skip the monthly self-exams? Whatever happened to 'Early Detection, Early Cure'?

The report went on to say the self-breast exams only caused unnecessary biopsies and in 19,000 cases, only one case of breast cancer was detected. From their financial point of view, this test is 'worthless'.

Try telling that to the one person who is now in remission. Go ahead; I dare you.

I'll admit, I've been a bit lax in the past three years. I had my borderline mammogram before the move, and while it wasn't the most pleasant X-ray I've ever had, I fully believe these are necessary to women's health. My doctor scolded me for skipping the one at age 41, and since I've still yet to schedule another, I can only imagine what he will say to me when he discovers I've now skipped three. In my defense, I do not have an OB-GYN down here. We started seeing a family doctor until we could move north again, but when I needed to see him last year, I inquired about the female side of the exam, and lo and behold, that's not his field.

I have no history of breast cancer in my family anywhere, but I did have a mild scare back in 1996, when a small lump was detected. An ultrasound revealed nothing. Two months later, it was back, and we discovered I'd done my SBE at the wrong week of the month; it was simply a reoccurring monthly thing.

(To those who know me, I looked down at my chest and shrugged. "Like it's not going to be any great loss if you have to chop it off!" Dr. S laughed and patted my shoulder. "Let's see what the films say...")

So yeah, if you're looking at the financial aspect, mammograms and biopsies are expensive. But if mine had turned out differently? I'm thankful the insurance company gave the green light for both the ultrasound AND my first mammogram ten years later!

NaNo Word Count: Total for two weeks: I'm just over the 8K mark:) Yeah, I'm well under the 25K where I should be, going in to week #3, but at least it's 8K more than I had last month! And given the fact my spouse has hindered my computer time, the fact I've written as much as I have is an accomplishment!


Unknown said...

Breast cancer does run in my family, so I don't appreciate being told I have to wait until I'm fifty. My doctor started screening me and my cousin at the age of 30. I will miss this years, due to being pregnant, but you bet I'll be there after the baby is born.
And congrats on your totals for Nano. You're writing and that's all that matters. (((hugs)))

Anny Cook said...

Keep up the good work, Molly!