Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hip surgery went well, and she was resting comfortably when we left. SU (spousal unit) was a bit shaken when he overheard the nurse tell the night nurse coming on duty the patient was DNR. We came home to find the kids had not only fixed dinner, but consumed all of it. He and I went to Ponderosa to 'decompress' and eat food already cooked and waiting for us.

Ear no longer hurts, but it continues to leak fluid. I'm also still mildly stuffy.

Due to illness and hospital visits, we're doing a massive cleanup today. K had his senior pictures taken an hour ago ("Mom? You are going with me??!!") and he had an enjoyable time. Male modeling may or may not be in his future, according to the photographer:)

Turkey aka 'Big Boy':
All 22 frozen pounds is resting in a cold bath, awaiting his 'steam bath' in the fryer tomorrow. We still have to go get the ham, and some minor ingredients for tomorrow's feast. For more on the festivities, click here.

I'm under threat of the power being shut off to the computer if I don't hurry up. If I don't end up posting tomorrow, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!


barbara huffert said...

Wishing you and yours a wonderful day! What time do we eat?

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for you and all my friends and family.

Watch that ear carefully. Has the doctor put tubes in it or has he looked at it? If they'd known to do that when I was young I probably would have hearing in my left ear now.

Molly Daniels said...

Any time after's rainy here, so 'Big Boy' was popped in the oven last night at midnight, and at 7am, he was cooked to perfection!

The ham is taking its turn now, and then I'll start on the B-T cups and brownies. Rolls are already trying to rise.

Molly Daniels said...

Ash, the ENT dr treated it back in 1996, first with steroids and Zyrtech, and then ended up putting in the the tube. The only problem I've had since is putting my head under water. No more diving, sigh...

Now I just hear a 'tone' all the time; can't really describe it, other than similar to locusts or spring peepers at dusk.