Friday, November 27, 2009

Friendly Gathering

How do you expect to eat with no teeth, ha ha?

Sampling the goodies before dinner; like mother, like daughter! (Aunt R is to the right!)

J; the birthday girl L; her husband C; Grandma; R. (J, L, and R are siblings; their mom is Grandma)

We put the smaller kids, I, D, and W at a card table in the living room; the teens ate downstairs after we said grace.

Candid shot of K, T, D, and T's dad in the background, next to the buffet table. My SU and D sitting at table.

We dismantled S's bed and set up the two food tables; brought up a third on set it in front of the desk.

Three generations! Grandma, D, and R. (And my messy desk!)

R and myself during the Great Lemon Cream Pie War. The birthday girl loves her mom's Lemon Pie, and cut four slices; two large and two small, thus giving herself and my SU most of it. When she set hers down and went to refill her drink, R grabbed it and started eating it!

You never know what topics of conversation will come up during dessert. SU's beard length was discussed, and asked if he'd ever considered braiding it...I found my Japanese hair clip and gave him an inpromptu ponytail.

(S...what was in those brownies? And what exactly is your 'secret ingredient'?)

You Call This Customer Service? What Happened To 'Customer Is Always Right'??
I was informed my parents may be getting divorced. No, don't panic; this information came from my mother, who was told by a strange hairdresser....

"No, I won't cut your hair that short; your husband will divorce you!"

They compromised; instead of cutting my mother's naturally curly hair to ear-length (where she normally wears it, mind you!), she left it about an inch longer.

Mom went home and asked Dad, "Are you going to file for divorce?"

Dad replied, "No; should I?"

Mom repeated what had happened.

"Maybe you should show her the wedding picture."

The only time my mom's hair reached her shoulders was about age 6! My father has always favored women with short hair, and always compliments my sister and I when we show up with it about collar-length!

For the record, every time I whack mine off, I've been told I look younger. So don't let your hairdresser dictate which length will please your man more; go with your gut. And if your man complains...remind him it will grow!

Happy Black Friday!
Shop safely and spend wisely:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Great pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time!

barbara huffert said...

Ooh, I want lemon pie!