Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Proud Parent Moments

2009-2010 National Honor Society Members.
K is behind the table with the white shirt and tie.
Close up of my NHS member:)

Receiving his award from his principal.

Walking back to his seat, certificate in hand.

With his Dad at the reception following. He said to me, "Several of the guys and I realized we went through this just to make our mothers happy."
Mission accomplished!
Finally bought Debbie Gould's Infidelity and the TEB antho Naughty Nooners! Am adding them to the TBR pile.
Busy Day Ahead:
I'm doing some creative baking. Made puff pastry Christmas trees yesterday; today, I'm melting down some chocolate and injecting some into each. I'll let you know a) if it works and b) how it tastes! With finances tight, I'm trying to expand my usual cookie baking. Dinner tonight will be simple: Chicken and rice in the slow cooker:)
NaNo Word Count: I did manage to write yesterday, but I'll have to type it up first in order to get a word count. It equals about a page and a half, so I'm guessing at least 300??


Regina Carlysle said...

Oooh. That sounds good. Damn, you're making me hungry. Congrats on the NHS thing. It's funny what our kids will do to please their mothers.

Unknown said...

Oooh, now I'm getting hungry. Congrats to your son.

Linda Kage said...

What a happy, proud day for you. Makes me even more curious what my baby will be like: smart, athletic, cheerful, witty, sweet? Your proud parent moments are gitting me even more anxious for her to be born!

Anny Cook said...

Best? When they graduate from high school. Food sounds good... yummy.