Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

NaNo Word Count: Did pretty well yesterday; 550 words, all in longhand. to type it up...

Why Thrifty? I'd forgotten the Sports Banquet was tonight. That means I don't have to provide a meal for three of us, heh heh heh...Yup, S and W can eat leftovers tonight!

Update on Tuesday's Dilemma:
Unfortunately, the father showed up with the police yesterday, and was allowed to take his daughter. DCS never showed, but did schedule a visit in order to do the foster-care application inspection (they'd applied for this long before the son and granddaughter arrived!). The mother is en route from Tennessee in order to go to court so the grandmother can be given custody of the child.

I'm furious. They were supposed to do an emergency intervention, and royally dropped the ball, IMHO! When I left Tuesday night, I was under the impression that if the father showed up, the police were to be called in order to arrest him for the theft of the pain meds. Does NOBODY care about this child? She's now in a house with a negligable parent; a 40-something woman who's also been caught stealing narcotics, and who can't control her own teenagers. Scrap that; she can't control one of her teens, and gives full permission for her 14-year-old to sleep with her 17-yr-old boyfriend. Fine upstanding environment for a toddler...what the hell is wrong with our system?

CBS Time Machine: Yesterday, 1983:
-Knots Landing cast
-Pointer Sisters
-Boom Boxes
-Michael Jackson's Thriller Album
-Cabbage Patch Kids
-My Little Pony
-MASH Finale
-President Reagan and observation of Martin Luther King Jr Day
-Swatch watches
-Strawberry Shortcake
-Sally Ride becoming the first female astronaut
-Simon and Trivial Pursuit

I never was a fan of Knots Landing; I did love the Pointer Sisters "Jump For My Love", "Slow Hand", "I'm So Excited", and "He's So Shy"; I was watching the Grammy's when MJ performed "Billie Jean" and did his moonwalk; we also eagerly watched the "Making of Thriller", the hour-long documentary on behind-the-scenes look at how the music video "Thriller" came to be. My sister and I wished for cable television, so we could watch MTV.

One of my English Class assignments was a paper about the MASH finale. I still have it somewhere. One of the ironic things I remember the most was that Klinger spent the entire series trying to get OUT of the army, and home to Toledo; in the finale, he'd married a Korean woman and was now staying in Korea, to look for her family (I think was the may have been for something else).

Mom would NOT let us rip our perfectly good sweatshirts. We did sing the song 'What a Feelin' whenever it came on the radio; we were not old enough to see the movie (I think it was rated R; if it wasn't, then Mom refused to let us see it). My sis had the Cabbage Patch Kid and the Swatch Watch. In college, my roommate had one of those boom boxes, and we thought we were 'cool' when we carried it around, blasting either Van Halen's "1984" or Olivia Newton-John's 'Totally Hot" cassettes!

My grandmother had bought the new electronic game Simon, and my sis and I spent many happy moments testing our memory. Trivial Pursuit remains my all-time favorite game (although my kids smoked me on the 90's version!) and I proved best at the science and geography categories. In 1997, a friend and I entered a game-in-progress late, and with our very first turn, answered every single question correctly; had our six pieces of the 'pie', and were headed back to the center. Our second turn, we won the game. No one would play with the two of us as partners after that...

1983 was also the year I had the tickets to go see Styx in concert, 1st balcony, 1st row, in my hand, and my mother made me give them back, because the concert was the same day as my sister's birthday. I finally got to see them in 1996.

To-Do List for Today:
-Writing (duh!)
-Ordering my promo labels for the Smarties
-K's Sports Banquet
-Survivor Night! Tonight they merge...what hell will (Evil) Russell drag the others in to now?


Linda Kage said...

I think I'm beginning to get upset right along with you over this dilemna. Kids have their own problems to deal with, they shouldn't have to cope with the parents's screw ups too.

My sister loved Knox Landing and since she was my idol, I liked it too. But I was so young when it aired, I don't remember too much about it.

Unknown said...

My older daughter was born in 1983. I recall being pregnant and having two little boys already. We went to visit my grandma that year as my aunt had told me it might be my last chance to see her alive. She was okay when I got to Cincinnati so we spent a couple good weeks together. So that was also the year my oldest who must've been about 2 or 3 at the time, tried to ride a goose at the petting zoo and embarrassed me to death. We lived in Air Force base housing. Beyond that, I don't recall a lot about 1983