Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latest Book Releases!

Several friends have new books releasing today! Congrats to Cindy Spencer Pape, Anny Cook, Regina Carlysle, Fran Lee, Taylor Tryst, Tessie Bradford, and Paris Brandon!

I've not read Tessie or Paris' work, or even Fran's yet, but I'm a definite fan of the other authors in the Carnal Reunions series, available today at www.resplendencepublishing.com !

Not much to say today; I've been slightly under the weather the past two days.

And I just realized I never finished the CBS Early Show Time Machine. So let's go back to 1967:
-Cast of Hair
-Beatles "Sgt. Pepper' released
-Thurgood Marshall appointed to the Supreme Court
-Vietnam protests
-"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" movie and legalizing interracial marriages
-"The Graduate"
-Miniskirts and Twiggy
-Pop Tarts!

I was only turning 2 in 1067, but I still looooove Pop Tarts, especially the chocolate fudge and chocolate-frosted vanilla cream ones! Not a fan of the fuit ones.


Unknown said...

The other authors are great too!
I'm sure it's a typo - you weren't really two in 1067 were you? ;)

Hope you feel better soon.

Molly Daniels said...

Hahahaha...yup, that's a typo!

Feeling somewhat better today; I was able to get the laundry finished:)

Linda Kage said...

Hey, Paris Brandon is in one of my writing groups... I think. I haven't met her yet. Thanks for the book updates.

Anny Cook said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Molly! I really appreciate it.

And in 1967, I was getting married. Sigh.