Thursday, November 19, 2009


NaNo Word Count: 8962. And with next week's massive Operation Clean-Up, I don't see myself attaining that 50K needed to 'win' NaNo. Note to self: Next year if I attempt this, move out of house if the SU (Spousal Unit) is home for the winter.

Currently Reading: Regina's Highland Beast. LOVE IT! Recommended Read:) Next up: Her Spanish Topaz.

And then the list reads:
Burn by Anne Rainey
First and Ten by Fran Lee (won this lsat week!)
Infidelity by Debbie Gould
Naughty Nooners Anthology (TEB various authors)

Otherwise, I'm coming up blank this morning. Off to update my word count on the NaNo site ( yes James; I'm finally heading over there! Put away that whip!) and figure out what the SU has planned. We DID find a 22 lb turkey yesterday; I think we still need to get a ham. And the verdict is in for the Puff Pastry Chocolate-Filled Christmas Trees: Yes! Make more!

The only change is, I'll slice them open while they're still warm. I only broke two, and of course, we had to sample a couple. So I have twenty tucked away, with some white-chocolate ones and cream cheese ones planned. I'll have to do at least two batches of all three kinds. I may also experiment with phyllo dough.

Anyone else doing any experimenting for Christmas presents?


Unknown said...

In my eyes you've won! You've advanced your story another 8K+ that you didn't have when the month started. :)

Anny Cook said...

Haven't even thought about baking. Been writing!!!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oooh. Thanks for the recommendation, honey!

Anonymous said...

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