Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits

Currently Reading: Still on Elfin Blood. Didn't get a chance to read yesterday. Too busy.

NaNo Update: Word Count for yesterday, 300. Not bad, considering everythng on my chore list:)

Panic Attack: I cannot find my old return address labels! Did I throw them away, after all? I was planning to attach them to the Smarties I bought for my upcoming signing. I'll either have to buy the Avery ones and find someone willing to print them for me (bribery??) or try Office Max's prices. The good news about my rummaging? I found the rest of Barb's sticky notes!

Also learned something amusing: I called one of the other vendors about the directions to Eastside Park, and apparently someone had Googled me, but emailed the wrong author Molly Daniels! Afterwards, I Googled myself, and still came up #2, 5, and 9 on the first page. I'll be sure to pass around my business card this weekend! I've never been to this venue before, or spent a great deal of time in the town. Lots of new people to meet:) So if anyone happens to be in Washington, IN and knows where Eastside Park is, we'll be in the new 4-H building. Need directions? Email me and I'll give you the same directions I've been given. Let's hope they are accurate!

CBS Time Machine: This entire week, the Early Show is 'going back in time'. Yesterday was 1979:
-The Sony Walkman
-Dallas cliffhanger: Who Shot JR?
-Bee Gees, Blondie, Gloria Gaynor
-Star Wars
-Mean Joe Green's Coke commercial
-Charlie Daniels' "Devil Went Down To Georgia" song

Amazing. An MP3 player can fit into the cassette display of the Walkman, and holds more data than the Apple II computer, also debuting that year! And my kids were amazed when I showed them the 'awesome graphics' of Space Invaders. My parents bought us an Atari and we were thrilled with the black and white graphics and sound effects as we destroyed aliens, helped Pac-Man gobble dots and avoid the ghosts. We also played ping-pong with little 'paddles'; helped little balls break through three or four layers of a multi-colored 'ceiling' (once you broke through, another ball would appear, making it more challenging!); and navigated a 'car' through a night time race course. The spouse and I were reminiscing about these early games; the teens rolled their eyes.

Through A Child's Eyes:
K went north Sunday to attend a Confirmation Meeting (he's sponsering one of his friends) and brought back the two car seats for Sam, as well as five other boxes. Two of the boxes contain our Disney VHS tapes. S and W opened them; W promptly exclaims, "I've been wondering where that movie was!"

S rolled her eyes and laughed. "You don't even REMEMBER these!" She popped in Lady and The Tramp 2 and later, Spirit. Apparently, W was rather impatient when LATT 2 had to be rewound. "Play the movie!"

"This isn't like the discs; I can't just hit Menu!"

Educating a five-year-old on why VHS tapes are different from DVDs....

Today on the To-Do List:
-Writing...I came up with another good idea for an abandoned wip's character
-Going to Office Max to inquire about cost of labels for Smarties and order bookmarks
-Beef Stroganoff for dinner
-Laptop Society/NaNo Write-In meeting


Unknown said...

oh boy did you bring back memories of when I was younger. I loved pac man and ping pong! :)

Anny Cook said...

At least they didn't ask you how many covered wagons it took you to move...

Unknown said...

I know I should write tonight but I want to watch V and I'm tired.

Regina Carlysle said...

You know, the blast from the past thing, reminds me of raving about this movie or that and I'll talk my kids into watching and the first works out of their mouths are Mooooom, those graphics SUCK! To which I roll my eyes and say, they were good graphics for the TIME.