Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mama Mia

Currently Reading: I'm still on chapter 8 of Bishop's story. Got on a creative streak yesterday and wrote all afternoon instead of taking a break to read. Maybe today I'll get another 4 chapters read, or even the rest of it!

On Saturday, the boys took off on a balsa wood hunt. K has to make a moustrap car for his physics class, and there is no balsa wood to be found in this town. (Sidebar: There is plenty of it in either one of our storage units, as the spouse is a model railroad buff, but Lord only knows which unit it is in, and which box it is located!) So they loaded up the car and took off to the closest hobby store, an hour away.

Thirty minutes after they left, S looks at me and says, "Hey Mom? Can we watch Mama Mia?" 14-year-old just asked what? She actually is willing to spend time with me? Not just disappearing into her basement room with her laptop, MP3, and the other TV? Hell yeah I jumped on that offer!

And then the funny part happened.

"Mom...don't sing...please?"

"How do you know all the words? I just unwrapped the DVD!"

"Euuuu...oo7 should so not sing!" (I'll agree with her there...Pierce has many talents, but singing is sooooo not one of them!)

"How do they manage to sing and still run all over the place?"

I guess I really need to watch this with my sister; after all, we spent many happy afternoons with our mom's ABBA tape, standing on the furniture and doing our own antics to 'Dancing Queen', 'I Do I Do I Do I DO', 'SOS', and 'Waterloo'. Somewhere, I also still have my 45 of 'Take A Chance On Me':)

I could kick everyone out of the house this weekend and invite friend D over...just everyone within a mile or so radius, please plug your ears and don't call the cops on us? We're just reliving our childhood ABBA memories!


Regina Carlysle said...

I looooove that movie and no, gorgeous Pierce can't sing but it wasn't really the point anyway. Colin Firth, however, has a very nice voice. I've been waking up every morning with one of the songs stuck in my head.

Phoenix said...

Loved the movie in all its glory including the Brosnan singing fiasco/delight. :)

I think, like Grease, it will be one of those movies that lasts through the ages.

Carol Preflatish said...

Oh, I so want that DVD. I loved ABBA. Those songs bring back so many memories.

Brynn Paulin said...

Cute! I loved that movie. The three girlfriends were a riot.

Sandra Cox said...

I love Mama Mia. Meryl Streep was amazing. She has the moves of a nineteen year old. And Pierce, though you could tell it was an effort for him, he can sing to me anytime:)