Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids, Pets, Spouse, Writing

Currently Reading: Still on Captive Heart. Sorry Kell...a friend loaned me the new Michael Palmer book, First Patient, so I've been devouring it at every opportunity!

It's only Wednesday, and yet this week has been eventful!

K's mousetrap car (was going to post a pic, but guess who hasn't taken it yet???) did well in his physics class. On Friday, his placed 2nd as far as distance, and he won his heat, advancing to the final race on Monday. He made a few minor adjustments and decorated the thing with old movie ticket stubs, empty Walmart gift cards, and whatever else he dug out of his drawer. On Monday, his adjustments didn't make the car go any farther, but the other two cars failed to catch up to him, so he won:) He was pretty pleased with his efforts, and his dad was thrilled the kid actually LISTENED and even IMPLIMENTED his idea for using an old fishing pole and rubber bands to drive the wheels. Just goes to show that while daddy didn't take physics, being an operater has taught him some stuff after all:)

S has discovered the joys of eating breakfast. This may not sound particularly remarkable, but the kid has actually been out of bed every morning before 7:30, and has actually gotten to school on time. Particularly since it's her dad who's been cooking the hash browns, the eggs, and occassionally the sausage. Why doesn't Mom cook breakfast? Too busy getting everyone up and dressed. Also, attempting to wake up herself...neither myself nor my daughter are morning people, and we'd rather sleep in!

W is growing. He'll be five in less than 3 weeks, and is working diligently on his name. Last night, apparently his 'hollow legs' kicked in, and he not only ate his entire pork chop, mashed potatoes, veggies, and fruit, but half a cold sausage link out of the refrigerator and a few hot dogs before climbing into bed. He also complained (and shed a few tears) about Daddy's willingness to read to him. "Mommy always reads TWO!"

Update on Pinky/Mikey/Oreo Comedy Hour:
I have really got to get this on video.

Yesterday, Oreo stood staring up at the rat cage. Pinky stuck his nose through the wire. Oreo jumped up and took a swipe with his paw.

Pinky saw it coming and pulled back, sticking his nose out as Oreo hit the floor with a thud. "Ha missed!"

Oreo jumps again. Again, Pinky pulls back in time, takes a lap around the cage, and sticks his nose out again. "Woo hoo! Didja see that? Miiiiiiiiissed meeeee..."

Oreo jumps a third time. Pinky pulls back, sticks his nose out, and I swear I saw his tongue pop out. "Ppppthhhhh...."

Oreo gave up and went over to the couch to give himself a bath.

Pinky stuck his head out farther, looked around, pulled his head back in, and went over to the water bottle. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha...chased that big bad cat away..."

Health Issues
Spouse had some balance issues last week, so I dragged him in to see the doctor. When it came out his A1-C levels hadn't been checked in a while, he ordered a fasting blood draw. The numbers which came back were off the charts:

Blood sugar: 414
Cholesterol: 484
Triglycerides: 3,982
Protime/INR: 1.4

He's convinced there's been a mix-up at the lab; his cholesterol has NEVER been that high, and certainly never that high of the triglycerides! And as for the Protime (clotting time for blood), this is the second week in a row it's been lower than 2, so his coumadin intake has been pumped up. We'll see how he does next monday, when he gets re-tested.

Myself? I'm healthy, knock wood!

Good News!
The 'editor' of our Laptop Society read my updated first chapter of Forbidden Love, and LIKES it! She said it still needs some more description here and there, but overall, my characters are believable and well-formed:) So I'm getting back to work on it this afternoon.

How's your week going? Any comedy or accomplishments you want to share?

If you watch Dr. Phi (which I'll occassionally tune in, if there's an interesting promo/topic), today he's asking the question if that woman who had the octuplets SHOULD be allowed to keep her babies, given her situation! That show airs at 5pm around here; think I'll tune in today to see what he says. I've been ranting about this on other blogs; no need to add more. But tomorrow, I just might have to speak up...


Bronwyn Green said...

You really have to get that on film!!!

Hope the hubby is okay.

Phoenix said...

Keep us updated!! And get back to my book already, woman! ;)