Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back In Control

Currently Reading: Still on New Moon. Two more days 'till the book buying spree!!!

So know we know what happens when the spouse has PMS and Molly has no chocolate! You, dear readers, get the privelege of seeing me lose my temper:) Proof that Twix Peanut Butter candy bars should be mandatory in my house...

Update on Spouse:
He continued to go off on the rest of the family, and my sharp oldest son called him on it.

"Dad...if you're tired of the excuse 'I forgot', then why haven't you called ____? You had Mom dig out the bill so you could call them on Monday!"

"Oh....Um...yeah...your mother forgot to remind me."

Writer's Group
We had three new potential members last night, who will be great additions. One's another English teacher; one writes poetry; the third has a fantastic suspense/thriller in the works and is seeking motivation to finish and wanting publishing advice. I also called up Ginger's Tuesday Trivia questions and discovered I was wrong on a couple of them. After I quizzed them, Ginger's email arrived, with the correct answers! winner for me this week.

Update on Walking:
Managed 4.4 miles yesterday! We walk again on Thursday.

Update on Possible Family Addict:
Spoke to them yesterday and the pain management is better! No more getting up at 3am to pop Darvocets, and more excercise is being pursued. Will continue to monitor this situation.

Today's To-Do List:
-Finish laundry
-Mop kitchen floor (although I should make HIM do it, hahahaha...)
-Fix Beef Roast for dinner
-Work on the new wip, and await phone call from mother concerning news of what caused the death of my classmate.
-Check website of zoo; daughter has a chance to be a 'junior zookeeper' this summer, and Purdue Vet school now requires volunteering in animal hospital or other experience. If this child is serious about wanting to go into Veterinary School, this will be a fantastic opportunity to see if she'll like it. Any advice/tips, Cindy???


Anny Cook said...

Chin up. Have a good day.

Phoenix said...

LOL, sweetie, at least your kids are on your side of that one. ;) THEY know the importance of Twix.