Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Keep Out!

Trespassers Will Be Violated!
-sign by a gas station in Warrenville, Ill

Did You Hear?
The California Attorney General's office contacted an agency called Angel's Helpers (or something to that effect...the note I jotted to myself has disappeared). The agency has offered to provide round the clock care for not only the octuplets, but for their siblings as well. The babies will be cared for at their facility, and the mom is encouraged to be involved.

As of yesterday morning, there was no word yet whether or not the offer was accepted.

WHAT??? I guarrentee that if someone offered me FREE HELP, I'd have jumped on it, and I only had one small child at the time my daughter was born! Does this mother honestly think she can do it all?

"I'll have to think about it..."

No, you DON'T have to think it over! This is a no-brainer, lady!

Because the Attorney General stated that if the offer is refused, they will consider taking the eight babies away from her and putting them in foster care, in fear of 'failure to thrive' issues. This is what I was talking about a week or so ago, about her ability to take care of eight newborns!

I personally was exhausted the first three months of my children's lives. K had his days and nights mixed up, and didn't sleep through the night until he was nearly 12 weeks old; S was a little nicer, by sleeping through the night at one week, but she was a good baby who didn't seem to mind if her feeding was a bit late, due to her demanding older brother and her tired father coming home from work at the same time she was ready to eat! And W...well, he turned out to be a totally different child who needed held constantly; he nursed very well and was extremely vocal if his schedule was interrupted (we called it his 'I need new parents!' scream)! He also did not sleep through the night until he was nearly 10 weeks old (he was 12 weeks old when we took him to Disneyworld, and was sleeping through then), and while he no longer needed held all the time, he refused to let me get very far from him...if I left the room, I could literally count to ten before the yelling started!

So I cannot fathom taking either K or W's first 3 month 'baby life' and multiplying it by 8!

Let's put it this way: Do you want to keep your family together Nadya, and have healthy, thriving kids, or have them end up in the system?

Like I said, it should be a no-brainer!

Hopefully, this is the end of my ranting on this issue. I know you're all sick of hearing about it.

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Sandra Cox said...

The whole situation totally boggles my mind.