Monday, February 16, 2009

Newsworthy or Tabloid Fodder?

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(No, that's not what the title of this post is about! See below...)

I was flabbergasted by a news item this morning on the news.

Roland Burris was called into question about an afidavit he gave during the Blogjeviich impeachment trial. His testimony said he was not contacted by the govornor, members of his staff, or even the govornor's brother; just some of his friends. But the afidavit claimes the brother did contact him on several occassions, asking for donations.

Burris made a statement citing he never gave any money to the govornor's efforts, and stated it 'might be a ploy to curry favor'.

But what got me was the news anchor questioned several 'authorities' on the action, who all claimed:
-Burris is NOT in legal trouble;
-Statement changes after testimony in impeachment trials are common;
-Yes, the senate COULD choose to oust him, but it is highly unlikely;
-The ONLY problem this could cause would be Burris' reelection attempt.

My question is, why did this make the news? Sensationalism? Slow news day? People out to 'prove' the ousted Illinois govornor did manage to pull one over on the Senate?

Stop the witch hunt and give me REAL news, please? If I want to read 'possible issues', I'll read the Inquirer!

Moving on...
Saw that Spinal Tap is going back into the recording studio! Woo Hoo! And even got to see the video of 'Hell Hole'! (Which, according to my spouse, sums up this town we're currently living in! I'm happy here, but then, he grew up here and couldn't wait to leave it!)

Later today, I might get out my copy of 'This is Spinal Tap' and watch it again. I don't think I've watched it since I bought the DVD a few years ago. Anyone care to join me in singing?

" what the flower people say..."

"Big bottoms, big about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em..."

"Gimme some money..."

"Livin' in a hell hole...don't wanna die in this hell hole...girl get me outa this hell hole..."

"Sex farm woman, doncha see my tractor risin' high, high..."

And let's not forget the quotes:
"It goes to eleven...I call it 'Mock Bach'...the title? Lick My Love Pump." (Nigel, talking about his amplifier and his beautiful piano piece.)

"Armidilloes in our trousers..."

"People spontaneously combust every day; it's just not widely reported..."(One of their drummers 'blew up' during a performance)

Okay. Getting off of here and beginning my day. The toddler has no school today, so we're going to play his rhyming game and finish up his homework! I also had another storyline pop into my head yesterday, so might do some more work on it the afternoon. Right now, it's a page and a half long.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a news watcher. Though the name rings a bell, I'm thinking, "Burris who?" and who the heck is Spinal Tap??

Molly Daniels said...

Roland Burris: Replaced Obama in the Senate.

Spinal Tap: Rob Reiner made a 'mockumentary' about 'England's Loudest Band' spoof of the Beatles. It's hilarious!