Thursday, February 5, 2009

Waving the White Flag of Peace...

Currently Reading: I've made it to chapter 15 on Bishop! Oooooooh this is getting good! Anny, my favorite scene (so far) begins on page 70. I LOVE IT! Hopefully I'll finish today. I'm not getting any writing accomplished, but this book is a great read!

For two reasons, actually.

First, thank God my spouse woke up or that I happened to shift my position earlier at 3am.


He'd dreamed Great Danes were surrounding the house, preventing him from leaving (ala Hitchcock's Birds). He was reaching for one of the dog's necks in order to break it and kill it so he could get to the car.

He woke up as he was reaching for ME!

He apologized; I said (not knowing about his dream yet), "It's okay; I was turning over. You didn't hit me."

The dream shook him so badly he had to climb out of bed and get a drink of water. He then came back to bed and informed me of what he'd dreamed!

So....maybe on a subconscious level, he blames me for the move? Ridiculous, since it is his mother (and a joint decision) that we move down here in the first place!

Secondly, there is another blog feud. If you want to see Kenzie's take on the subject, click here. I decided to keep as much negativity as I could stand out of this blog. But sometimes I can't control my fingers, so I posted it there, which isn't getting a lot of traffic. But that's okay.

New Template
How do you like the new look? That Pepto-Bismal pink was beginning to get to me. I'd love to have Dakota's blue swirly background along the sides; don't you think that would look pretty? Or my favorite flower. Some bright red and yellow tulips, since apparently the groundhog saw his shadow in the camera lights! No's going to be 30 today, 40 tomorrow, and then in the 50's for the next week! I'm dancing over here!! Now if it would only stay that way until April...but we usually get a late snowfall around Easter! I can live with rain, but more snow? I want my spouse to go back to work!

I'm off to check the blogs. There's good news over to the right; I just have to remember which 'teaser' I saw it on! I think it was Kelly. Go check for yourself!


Anny Cook said...

So glad that you're enjoying the book!

Regina Carlysle said...

Look the look of your new blog. Sometimes we just NEED to change things up. I've been toying with the idea too but then I go...nahhh.

Phoenix said...

Teaser? Now I'M confused. A friend is running a contest where all entrants get a prize on Now through the 14th.

Glad you're among the living.

Molly Daniels said...

Saw it on the 'follower' thing on the dashboard. And I was right was you:)