Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love vs Lust

Currently Reading: Still on Eclipse. With all the craziness around here, I've only been able to read a chapter a night, other than the toddler's book of the week, Tootle. Remember that one? W insists we read it at least three times each night; I read it first, he 'reads' it back to me, and we 'read' it together before he snuggles down and goes to sleep.

First of all, sorry for disappearing for a couple of days. It's been crazy around here, with me trying to do edits; kids having early release from school; the death in the family; and doing our best to 'stimulate' the economy with our tax money. I still don't have a couch, inventory, or a new hairstyle, but the bills are paid; S and I have new bedding (mine's a comforter, hers is the complete bed...she was getting tired of Spongebob sheets and comforter!); there is an ample supply of food in the freezer and cabinets; D has a new toolbox; W has birthday presents stashed all over the place; K has money on his phone and some movies. And yes, there is still some left over...I'll have to wait on the couch till next summer, but at least I'll get my inventory ordered next week, and my new website paid for today. It's still being built, but the domain name will be mine, and not attached to citymax. More on this when I have more to share.

Secondly, an interesting topic came up at the Laptop Society: How long can lust last? The usual assumptions is that lust is instantaneous, burns brightly for a few weeks, and then fades into love or disappears altogether.

But one of the members stated he's been in a lust relationship for over 10 years! There's been no 'love' words spoken; they simply see each other once a month and are very happy with this arrangement. So what's your take? I say they're either in love; just not admitting it, or they have simply fallen into a habit and are too lazy to change anything. (Yes, I'm posting this with permission...just no names will be displayed)

He's also stated that if they do miss a month, due to scheduling problems, it seems to intensify the passion when they do reconnect! And the email/phone/texting is more frequent, with the 'I miss you' and concern for each other's well-being expressed more.

So are they secretly in love and too scared to admit it? Or are they deluding themselves and just using each other?

The To-Do List:
-Laundry. There are two sets of sheets in the chute, and K was complaining this morning he didn't have any clean pants.
-Editing Chapter #2...if I get around to it.
-Hanging the rest of my posters around the university. I got chatty yesterday and had to return home before hanging all of them.
-Taking D to eye appointment. K will pick him up, due to next item on said list...
-Taking W to his physical..."The dr has to check you over in order to let you turn 5..." This worked with my older two! Unfortunately, I think shots are on the agenda today, since he starts kindergarten next fall...
-Traveling an hour northeast to the viewing and hope the relatives behave themselves. Since I'm a 'married-in', and did not live here after we married, I'm considered an 'outsider', especially since we had the audacity to find a better life outside of Knox County! And just because we're back doesn't make up for the 16 years we were gone.


Regina Carlysle said...

Once a MONTH? Sounds more like convenience to me than love or even lust.

You're working on a new website? It's kind of a pain isn't it? Getting all that stuff together? I just built a new one myself. Did it on my own and it's not half bad. At least now I can do my own updates and that had become an issue for me.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure about the lust vs. love.