Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out of The Mouths of Babes...

Currently Reading: Finished Picture Perfect and loved it! I'm now on chapter two of Eclipse. And since I know you're all wondering what e-books I bought yesterday, here's the list, in no particular order:
-To Hate and To Hold by Ms Rebel (yeah...don't even have Naughty Nooners yet...)
-To Catch a Casanova by Erica Scott
-Lover's Stone and Soul Stone by Elyssa Edwards
-NovelTea Next Door by Cindy K Green
-Anyone But You, by Ms Jones
-Liquid Heat and Submissive Dreams by Ashley Ladd
-Jake's Return by Liana Leverentz
-Caught and Spanking Good Time by Elizabeth Black

Now the dilemma...which one to read first??? Since I'm already reading vampires, I might as well stay with the genre...

D received a clean bill of health yesterday:) His artificial aortic valve is still doing its job; it's in good condition; and that sugar spike two weeks ago is to blame for his cholesterol being so off the charts. His cardiologist has him on two new meds, one to help with his blood pressure meds. Other than greeting him with, "I see you're still growing that thing" (she's not a fan of his beard), she was pretty happy with him.

After his appointment, he hopped over to see J and the kids, and treated them to Chinese for dinner. A informed him she was "taking care of his alarm clock" and her brother J was "taking care of his fan" until he returns.

At dinner:

"Here, A...try this. It'll put hair on your chest."

"But I don't want hair on my chest! I don't want to look like a BOY!"

J piped up, "Hey, gimmee that. I wanna be a MAN!"

His mother promptly choked on her egg roll. He's only six!

Family News
-No word yet on funeral/viewing arrangements. I'm going to call one of the aunts in about an hour to inquire on how things are going. Update: The viewing is Thursday and the funeral is on Friday.
-My MIL took the news well of her brother's passing..."He's in a better place now..."
-K's getting his paperwork together to present his Eagle Scout Project to the Eagle Board sometime next month. I have to call the office to get his records; somewhere in the move, all of his Boy Scout merit badge cards have been misplaced. The only ones I can find are his Cub Scout ones...go figure!
-We have another reason to travel to Evansville now; we have to visit the BSA store, in order to outfit my nearly six-foot-Scout with new uniform pants. He wants to look proud when he goes before the Review Board.
-S is sooooooo not looking forward to the ISTEP test again in March. This is the transitional year, so they have to take it twice. Too bad they didn't specify the ones who DIDN'T pass have to retake it...oh welll; it won't kill her!
-W (who turns 5 on Sunday) keeps asking if tomorrow is his birthday and when will we go see Grandma and Grandpa? (We're meeting them on Sunday, but he's not figured out this concept called TIME yet...)

Me? I have to go over to campus and get my poster approved, so I can print out the rest of them. Then I'll plaster them all over the residence halls, the Humanities building, the library, and Student Union. Maybe even the Social Sciences building...

Don't know if I'll make to to Guild tonight. Depends on when the viewing is. And I feel bad, because a potential new member contacted me, and from what she's told me about the content of her writing, she might be a prime candidate for Ellora's Cave or even TEB's submissions!
Yes, I will be there tonight...see above:)

Told you I'd be cheerier today...don't you feel better?

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