Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Pictures

Oreo meets Pinky. I tried to get one of them nose to nose, but wasn't fast enough. And then Oreo attempted to bite Mikey, so S put the rats back in the cage!

W's first attempt at a snowman. Not bad, considering the powdery snow!

W's friend I inside the snow fort (W refused to have his picture taken inside)

The snow fort K 'built' (more like tunnelled out) for the little ones
Want to see another picture? Kenzie got her first book cover last night! Go over and see it here:)
Media Blitz
What's the boo-hoo over Michael Phelps? So the kid made a mistake. He's not in training yet! Leave him alone; he already knows he did something wrong! Speedo is already issued a statement saying they're still behind him, so move on to the REAL news, people!
Weather Update
We received another inch of snow this morning. The kids went from a 1-hour delay to a 2-hour delay to CLOSED! For once, the toddler went back to bed! But now he's up again and eating his special pancake Daddy made (in the shape of a W).
To-Do List:
-Laundry. I dragged myself downstairs last night for one load. Time to finish it today.
-I've got a free teleseminar tonight with the SFWA, featuring Brenda Novak.
-Will the Laptop Society meet tonight? Depends on the weather!
-Spouse just announced he's making Boy Scout meatloaf for dinner tonight (made in the cast iron skillet with potatoes and carrots on top. YUM!)
-Finish Bishop's story??

Currently Reading: I've made it up to chapter 8 on Bishop's story!

Here's the February reading/buying schedule:

Feb 2-I've been trying to buy Grace Tyler's books His and Her Dalmations and The Husband Checklist, but the buy site is down. So some of these may be moved up...

Anyone but You-Amarinda Jones

Feb 9-Caught-Elizabeth Black
To Catch a Casanova- Erica Scott
Liquid Heat-Ashley Ladd

Feb 16-NovelTea Next Door-Cindy K Green
A Psychic Hitch-Bekki Lynne
Lover's Stone-Elyssa Edwards

Feb 23-Spanking Good Time-Elizabeth Black
Masked Encounter-Samantha Gentry
The Best New Toy of the Season-Elaine Cantrell

Mar 2-Soul Stone-Elyssa Edwards
Jake's Return-Liana Leverentz
French Kiss-Sloane Tayler


Phoenix said...

That snow fort looks like fun. :) Great pics.

Regina Carlysle said...

Great pics. Rats? I thought they were hamsters!

anny cook said...

Well that's certainly an ambitious buying/reading schedule! Wow.

Loved the snow fort. Reminds me of the ones my kids used to make!

Molly Daniels said...

It may be out on hold...hubby found out about my $13 buy last week...and ain't too happy!

Unknown said...

I miss snow - I think. It looks like so much fun.

As per the cat and the rat, I had 4 or 5 cats when my daughter-in-law moved her exotic pet rat Princess in. I was really scared the cats would get the rat, but she managed to keep the cats away. I imagine Princess stayed in her cage most of the time.

Brynn Paulin said...

Cute pics :-)