Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday Recap

Currently Reading: Enjoyed Kama Sutra Lovers, and am now on chapter 5 of Bishop's story:)

I was laid low by the 24-hour bug yesterday. Our party went on as scheduled, though I told them to come over 'at their own risk'. And since the bug has been travelling through their family, what the heck. Our teens probably gave it to each other anyway! (Okay...that sounds soooo wrong! Get your mind out of the gutter; I'm talking FLU bug!)

I spent the morning in bed, and when my stomach settled down around 3, I dragged myself into the shower, put on my blue and white Colt's jersey (every year they don't make it, I wear my Colts gear in protest!), and parked myself on the sofa. I was fine as long as I stayed in a horizontal position, but at the end of the 1st quarter I tried sitting up....and the Cardinals got a touchdown!

Friend D and I cranked up the volume when Springsteen took the stage (the kids protested, but as I pointed out, 'The Boss' told us too, ha ha!) and when spouse D objected, it was nearly over anyway, and I backed it up and DVR'd it. I told friend D when I felt better, we'd rock out when the kids were gone:)

And it was a good game! Esp the final 3 minutes! I got what I wanted...sort of. I was hoping the Cardinals would win, even though I thought the Steelers would prevail. But I didn't want it to be a blowout, so I was reeeeeaaaaallly happy during that last quarter! Even though by then I had to be horizontal again.

And I wasn't able to enjoy any of the food. But that's okay; my spouse has it today, so leftovers will be served for dinner tonight.

Which commercials were your favs? Mine was the Budweiser ads with the Clydesdales. Esp the one who 'fetched'!

I'll have a cheerier post tomorrow; I promise. But for now, time to lay down again. My energy is still not up to par just yet.

And the damn groundhog saw his shadow! Will someone please bring him out in the SHADE??


Regina Carlysle said...

Sorry you felt bad! My turn today. Just had that dang root canal and I've been under the weather over it. BLEH.

I loved the Bud commercials best too. They are always so clever. Bruce is still rockin' after all these years,too. He did a great job.

Brynn Paulin said...

Hope you're feeling better!!!