Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy Friday...

Several things are happening today.

-Tax money hits, and the first thing we're doing (hopefully, anyway!) is to either go buy a new printer/scanner/copier/whatever-else-the-thing-promises-to-do OR take my old CPU to Circuit City and hope/pray that my files can be recovered from the hard drive! And hope/pray they are still open????

-Attended Pampered Chef party last night, and racked up a modest $120 wish list. We will negotiate it down to about $50, as I have until Monday to place the order. I seriously want three scrapers and the new measuring cups. The rest can wait until my friend D's party in April:)

-The toddler does not have school today, so we'll probably go out to lunch. We've already been promised Long John Silver's for dinner, as hubby has a taste for fish. I'm not a fish-eater, but I LOOOOVE LJS's chicken planks:)

-I've 'earmarked' ten e-books for purchase today, including one of AJ's, two of Ms Black's, two of Ms Elyssa Edwards', and one or two by someone 'rebel' who writes about vampires...

-Oh yes...and finishing up the laundry. A fun job...I've been so wrapped up in New Moon, I fail to hear the dryer buzzer and remember about 3 hours later!

-And doing all this while living on Advil all day long...damn muscle cramps!

Have a good day:)


Sandra Cox said...

Muscle cramps, yikes! Enjoy your day.

Anny Cook said...

Loooove Pampered Chef! Have a good day. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Tax money doesn't hit us til next week. I'm practically salivating for relief.